Closing the sale training for the doTERRA Wellness Advocates

Have you ever asked yourself, is there any closing techniques that really work for my doTERRA business?

Recently, I attended a Emerge Training webinar arranged for doTERRA Wellness Advocates. The presentation explained a simple and effective way to close a sale and take your business to the next level. Since then I have added to that experience by creating a eBook that outline a complete guide to implementing a similar method but online. 

My main motivation for creating such a eBook was because since the pandemic of 2020-22 most doTERRA rep have found it challenging to build personal relationship the traditional way. 


Even though this eBook will give you all the tools needed to be successful in your doTERRA business, I believe that continue to understand closing sales techniques the traditional way is still important. So, read the rest of this article so you can relate to the methods needed to become successful.

Closing the sale training

How to be a closer in sales in your doTERRA business

Set an Appointment

First, imagine what an accountant or a real estate agent would do if you asked for their services while you were at a webbing or in line at the bank. They would not start pitching their services to you straight away, they would offer you their business card and ask you to make an appointment.

So, as a Wellness Advocate and a part of the closing the sale training consider reducing the overkill and allow the customer to feel comfortable and relaxed in your presents by saying:

“Hi, thanks for your interest, usually what I do is set up a time to go over your health goals, a little about the company, and the most popular kits. This only takes about 30 minutes. You don’t have to buy anything, but if you see something you like, of course I will be more than happy to help you order. Is that something you would be open to?”

As you can see, this approach creates a situation where the customer feels they are making the decision rather than the customer believing they are being forced into a corner and bullied into purchasing something they don’t feel they need or want.

How can someone make an appointment if I run my business online?

The closing sales techniques are far more passive, but still very possible. Tools available to the online marketer is:

  • Autoreply system
  • Appointment service
  • AI chatbot

All of these tools will automate the traditional method above and can be working 24 / 7.


Give an Agenda

However, this approach is not over, because when the customer is attending the appointment we still want them to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience of buying the oils.

So, again allow the customer to feel relaxed and present so they hear what you say and what you are offering them that will benefit and improve their lives. Below is suggested dialogue to start the conversation:  

“Hi again, like I mentioned when we set up the appointment, today we are going to go over your health goals, a little about the company, and the most popular kits. My part will take about 30 minutes. You don’t have to buy anything, but if you see something you like, of course I will be more than happy to help you order it today. How does that sound?”

Can I give an Agenda online?

Yes of course

It has become quite a trend as a part of our sale training that we are able to move everything online. The methods normally used are webinars or even WhatsApp calls. So, when someone adds their name to your mailing list they will receive an email presenting much of the details you would want to share in the agenda. Then the prospect has the option to either arrange a meeting with you or not.

What should I do if the prospect wants a online meeting? 

Personally, if you intent to arrange a online chat with a prospect,

  • Send an email with a link to the webinar platform you intend to use
  • Ask them to write down any questions they may have for you
  • Send them the agenda of your meeting and how long it should take
  • Text them an hour before the webinar meeting starts

The positive aspect of doing a online meeting is that they can be anywhere in the world.

Gain Input

In addition, as apart of the closing the sale training, here are some sales questions that will help you complete the sale:

Yes, these sales questions can be transferred online! 

  1. What else do you want to make sure we go over today?
  2. I don’t want to bore you with information you don’t care about, so tell me a little bit   about your health goals and the health goals of your family? What else?
  3. What do you already know about doTERRA?

Personalize the Features and Benefits

As well as the questions above consider some further combinations such as “earlier you mentioned” or “have you ever” and give 2-3 simple scenarios where you have some personal knowledge and experience, so it sound convincing. This should be personalize for the customer and express the features and benefits they will gain from purchasing one of your kits.

Give Simple Choices

Offering every oil available to the customer is overwhelming for anyone and not how to be a closer in sales, so ask questions such as:

  1. Are you interested in a kit with or without a diffuser?
  2. Are you interested in the AromaTouch kit or the Home Essentials Kit?
  3. Do you have an ailment that our essential oils will help with?

Having workable closing sales techniques doesn’t mean offering everything doTERRA has. They will buy nothing because the purchase becomes a big event rather than a enjoyable event.

Note: This section does not work so well online unless the have already sampled the oils in the past. However, if they live in the same country as you do, something that really does work is sending a sample pack so they can try them before the meeting. 

Closing techniques that really work

Let’s recap on the closing the sale training

  1. Set an Appointment
  2. Give an Agenda
  3. Gain Input
  4. Personalize the Features and Benefits
  5. Give Simple Choices

For more details about how to be a closer in sales in your doTERRA business watch the video below. It is about 55 minutes long and will go into depth on how to become the best closer you can be.

Can I get this sales training without being in doTERRA?

I am afraid not

However, since this article was written, doTERRA has upgraded its sales techniques training program. So, if you want to learn more about essential oils, wellness and running a sales organization consider become a rep. 

However, as I have already mentioned, if you are interested in learn online sales techniques that really work check out my highly acclaimed eBook, “Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing”.

It is only $9.99 which is cheap at the price for an online training manual. The eBook is designed share online training techniques with the total beginner who wants to build an MLM business online. It is is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks with the goal to empower someone new to the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.


Final words about 

When you have found the closing techniques that really work, it is a gift and something that does not appear everyday, so please, if you are serious about becoming a successful Wellness Advocate start using them today.