What Christmas gifts to buy to make a great impression?

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For your loved ones to feel you really care the best places to buy Christmas gifts is from Doterra

We all go through the same problem every year and end up buying generic gift such as cheap perfume, chocolates or a Christmas pullover. So, is there something more original, something that says you have thought about your mom, considering she brought you into the world.

A few years ago, about the same time I was struggling with what to buy my wife for Christmas and furthermore I was away from home and would not be back for the holidays. As you can imagine I really needed to buy something that said “love and missing you mom and see you next time I am in town”. Yes, it was a tall order.

Fortuitously, I was invited to a house party by a college of mine who didn’t want to be the only man at his wife’s event so I said I would go and have a chat and a few drinks as a favor.

To my surprise the house party was a Christmas event by a company called Doterra. Doterra is a therapeutic grade essential oils direct sales company, so much of their sales are done in peoples homes. The theme of the party considering it was getting close to Christmas was Doterra Christmas blend, so I though maybe they would have something I could buy.

Best places to buy Christmas gifts

What to buy my wife for Christmas that says I love you?

Enhance and transform any room or personal workspace with the Brevi Walnut Diffuser. The contemporary circle design offers a sleek, modern look. Brevi can run 5 hours continuously and 10 hours intermittently. With ultrasonic technology and multiple light settings, you can easily enjoy the benefits of misting aromatic essential oils and create your own uplifting environment

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Cleanse and hydrate. The Balance Bath Bar is an African black soap derived from artisanal ingredients with naturally occurring vitamin E infused with the Doterra Balance Blend. This unique formulation moisturizes and refreshes your whole body for a deep cleansing experience.

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In a season of giving, knowing that your generosity goes to those who need it the most heightens the experience. Every dollar used to purchase the Bulgarian Rose CPTG essential oil–infused hand lotion goes directly to the Doterra Healing Hands Foundation® . Whether this lotion is a gift for others or a blessing for yourself, many will benefit as we beautify the world one lotion at a time.

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Download your Free Doterra Home for the Holidays Gift Giving Guide for 2018 on the button below:

What Christmas gifts to buy

I am never at a loss to know what to buy my wife for Christmas!

Nowadays, I just make an order from the Doterra Home for the Holidays catalog and it arrives at my door in a few days. I have no more stressing how I will get around the shop when I can buy everything online and be sure that the products I am buying is of the best quality money can buy.

The best thing about all of this is mom loves the products. They are natural, healthy and they make her feel great, so as you might have guessed Doterra is not only for Christmas in her mind. Whenever I am out of town or on business and there is a birthday or any other anniversary coming soon, out comes the Doterra catalog.

So, others can benefit from my experience on this page you can download for free the normal Doterra catalog and the holiday catalog which offers the products displayed on this page.

To find out more information about getting 25% off Doterra Home for the Holidays Gifts and products for someone special in your life at the best places to buy Christmas gifts or become a Doterra membe Click here and we will send you details asap.

What to buy my wife for Christmas


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