What to buy your mom for Christmas with something she will love

Are you trying to find new and interesting festive things to buy your mom for Christmas? 

We all go through the same problem every year and end up buying generic gifts such as cheap perfume, chocolates or the classic Christmas pullover. So, is there something more original, something that says you have thought about your mom. Considering she brought you into the world and in most cases kept you safe the least you can do is buy unique gifts for mom. Something that says you think about her.

A few years ago, about the same time I was struggling with another Christmas gift for my mom. I was away from home and would not be back for the holidays. As you can imagine I really needed to buy something that said “love and missing you mom and see you next time I am in town”.

Yes, it was a tall order.

What to buy your mom for Christmas

Fortunately, I was invited to a house party by a colleague of mine who didn’t want to be the only man at his wife’s event. I said I would go and have a chat and a few drinks as a favor. In retrospect an even with 20 attractive ladies was very interesting and enjoyable.  

To my surprise the house party was a Christmas event by a company called doTERRA. doTERRA is a therapeutic grade essential oils direct sales company, so much of their sales are done in people’s homes. The theme of the party, considering it was getting close to Christmas, was doTERRA Christmas blend. After browsing the products and chatting to the host I realized that maybe there would be a few things to buy your mom for Christmas. I was a bit despite and had it in mind to purchase something from Amazon, but doTERRA had some very attractive ideas so I decided to do the essential oils option. 

If you would like to find out more about doTERRA Christmas products, download our FREE doTERRA catalog today. (The doTERRA holiday catalog is only available during the holiday period)


What does doTERRA offer at their doTERRA Christmas blend events?

As you can imagine doTERRA offers new and interesting essential oils related products every year. This means that you need to wait for the festive season to find out what they have on offer. However, all the products will have a Christmas feel to them. Such as doTERRA holiday blends, a Christmas diffuser and even a baking set for making cookies. 

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Things to buy your mom for Christmas

I am never at a loss for things to buy your mom for Christmas since doTERRA

Nowadays, I just make an order from the doTERRA Christmas blend catalog and it arrives at my door in a few days. I am no longer stressing about how I will get around the shop when I can buy everything online. At the same time I can be sure that the products I am buying are of the best quality money can buy.

The best thing about all of this is mom loves the products. They are natural, healthy and they make her feel great. As you might have guessed doTERRA is not only for Christmas in her mind. Whenever I am out of town or on business and there is a birthday or any other anniversary coming up, out comes the doTERRA catalog.

So, others can benefit from my experience on this page. You can download for FREE the normal doTERRA catalog and the holiday catalog. 

If you are reading this article during the Christmas season when you download the doTERRA catalog you will also receive a Christmas catalog, kit offers and prices list.

How my doTERRA business has change everything, not just for Christmas

As you have have already guessed, I was so taken in by doTERRA and how my friends wife was earning some extra money that I became a doTERRA rep myself. This is quite unusual because I am man, but it doesn’t seem to be a issue. I run my doTERRA business very differently to my female counterpart, but the products are still the same. They are still high quality therapeutic grade essential oils and there is a massive customer base to share them with.

How to I run my business differently to other in doTERRA?

I originally came from the affiliate marketing industry and saw in doTERRA a niche marketing method that most other reps were not even considering. So, I run doTERRA solely online. For those of you out there wishing to understand how that works I have written a beginners guide eBook which is available online. The eBook is a task based eBook that takes the student through all the skills and knowledge needed to become successful online in doTERRA. 

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